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This is a pre-configured Docusaurus starter template for i18n docs & posts using Docusaurus v2.0.0-beta.9, Typescript, Sass, Local Search etc.

A live demo build directly from this repository is deployed on which means you can start a docs site exactly like the demo out of the box.

You are viewing the latest version of the template demo and neccessary docs to help you quickly start a docs site. Try browse around this site to see the pre-configed features, full feature list can be find under

Quick Start this Template

To use this template, simply clone this repo or click Use This Template with your Github account.

Install dependencies


Run the development server

yarn start

Multi-languages and Search feature will not work in dev mode.

They only work in build productions.

Build the production site

yarn build

Run the build site

npm run serve

Now the site is running with full features of this template. Just like the demo on

Let's Start to Setup Your Own

Nice, isn't it? Since this template has some plugins and settings pre-configured, it meets the most demands.

I believe you are ready to setup this template for your own use. Here's some well ordered guides to start:

Quick Setup

This will guide you through necessary changes required to make this website as you desired, like change the site name, add/remove languanges etc.:


If you finished the Quick Setup, and would like to learn more about Docusaurus, the Extras organized some docs from the Docusaurus Official Docs site.